Who is Hailrazer, JonJandran, Jonathan Wild?

Hello there!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Wild and I have always had an intense desire to learn, design, and create.

It all started when I was a pre-teen and I saw my first computer. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to know more about them. I convinced my father to buy a used IBM 286 PC and let me destroy, um I mean “practice” on it.

After that I begged, bought, borrowed, or stole, any and every computer or video game I could get my hands on. I usually tinkered with them until they no longer worked or did not work properly. And then it was on to the next one.

And then one day it all changed when I stumbled upon a forum called The BenHeck Forums. A Forum for creative people who would take a game console and modify it and make a portable game system. I was hooked and immediately decided to start making portables.