Arcade – Why do I need an Arcade?

Around April 2012 my life took an interesting turn. My father had passed away in 2009 and I was trying to find a way to take care of my Mother and Sister. We found a beautiful home that was in foreclosure. It was a massive 10,000 sq ft home with plenty of room for my family of 4, my mother and sister, and my grandmother. So plans were made, homes were sold, and we moved in.

The home had a room downstairs that was massive. I put in a pool table, hot tub, card table, and home theater. But there was still plenty of room left. Well, my brother called one day and told me that an Arcade in Destin, Florida was going out of business and was giving away an air hockey table and 4 arcade games.

Of course, I said, “Bring them to me!” The games were all in various states of disrepair. So I proceed to teach myself how they worked and how to repair them. This led to the next phase of my quest for creative fulfillment, Arcade Game repair, and restoration.