Frogger Restore : Ribbit Ribbit!

I purchased a Frogger for $75.

It was Non-Working, just showing garbage. I put in a switching power supply and re-did the sync wires and got the monitor/game working. Now it’s time to restore.

The sides were in good shape so I just touched them up a bit. The Cpo was pretty bad though, time to restore it :



Here she is :

Just a little more about what I had to do.

Coin Door :

The coin door was taken apart and lightly sanded. It wasn’t in real bad condition so I didn’t strip it. The front has hammered paint and the rest was not. So I just painted over it with Rustoleum flat black epoxy.
The stainless steel parts were cleaned and fine steel wool was used to polish them.
A new keyless lock was added.


All black parts were sanded and re-painted. The back and top were done in Rustoleum Flat black. The front was done in Rustoleum Satin Black.

New smooth black T-Molding was put on.


The black bezel was cleaned and repainted with Krylon Fuson flat black.

New plexiglass was put on. Cut on the table saw with the finishing blade backward.


HSSK was done by me :

Coin Up 1Up was used for adding credits: