Beer Goggles not needed — Ice Cold Beer Restore

Picked up an Ice Cold Beer for $450 from an Antique shop.

It was not working properly and it needs a restore but I’m game. (Maybe I had a few too many beers before I bought it) ???

Here she is :

The game was not working. One reason was the limit switches were broke. I ordered some from Twisty Wrist.

Also the belts weren’t working. Wonder why?

LOL yea well that’s not right. So I also ordered new belts from Twisty Wrist and installed them. While I was at it, I dis=assembled and cleaned the rods, gears, playfield, glass, etc.

It now plays! But it’s still a little jerky, hopefully I can figure out why.

So now it’s time to restore!

First strip this girl down :

Now tackle the base :

Well, that’s not good. So I’m gonna have to build a new base. I’ll tackle that later.

Now, how about that CP?

It’s not terrible but it is going to be stripped down and redone. And what the heck is that weird wood molding on the front? My wife likes it but hmmm, I’m not so sure.

I’m going to try to restore the Start button, but it might not restore. If not does anyone know of a replacement?

The back looks great though :

When I stripped off the vinyl one side came off in one piece.

So my plan is a new CPO, new t-molding. Woodgrain laminate on the sides, black laminate on the top/back/front.

The glass is actually not in terrible shape so I will touch it up and keep it.

CP is done.

Here it is stripped and sanded.

And here it is done.

New overlay from ChompingQuarters. Button from MikesArcade. Polished joysticks by me 

The top and back and back door were not salvageable. They were crumbling. I tried to sand them to no avail.

So I cut the top and top/back and bottom/back down the middle and ripped them out. Here’s what an ICB looks like backless.

It’s Done!!!

I had to do the following:

1: Build a new base and install casters.
2: Sand and re-paint coin door and it’s parts
3: Apply Black laminate to the front.
4: Route out the coin door hole and speaker holes.
5: Apply woodgrain laminate to the sides.
6: Apply artwork to the sides.
7: Put on leather textured t-molding
8: Put all the parts back in and test everything.

And it looks gorgeous :