DreamTrooper – A Sega Dreamcast Portable

Well, I decided to try my hand at another Lazer Doodle mod. This time I am going for a Dreamcast.

A few pics of the Progress.

I have the screen Abs Cemented in.

Well I got the back epoxied and sanded. This is with the first coat of primer, I haven’t re-sanded and repainted yet. But I wanted you guys opinion on the white paint 


Almost finished with the front. Just a spot or two to finish up and then the final coat of paint 


Got the triggers done finally !!!

Used the stock triggers. Took off the triggers themselves and traded them for Saturn triggers from a 3D Saturn controller. I drilled a hole in the triggers and then epoxied them onto the trigger mechanism.

Then I cut slots in the bottom of the case with a dremel and then used small files to square them off nice and good. Then I epoxied the mechanisms inside the case :

And the backside view. :

They work beautifully and I put them where they fit the trigger fingers perfectly when holding the system 


Well I just have to wire the batteries and Pcb and I’m done.

Here’s a look at the insides before I add the batteries.

The PicoPsu is underneath the Dreamcast Motherboard:


Here’s the finished pics

I added a fan in the back as you can see and put slots in it like the original Dreamcast has.

I put the orange Led shining down on the Dreamcast Logo. You like? 


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