N64 in a Gamecube

I have always wanted to combine an N64 and a Gamecube. But how to do it?
Well, I had a GameBoy Player laying around ……. would it work?

Well, let’s rip it apart and see.

Hmm looks like it might work.

But we need to trim it up a bit.

Now let’s see if we can get some controller ports in there.

Now for the hard part, let’s get that darn N64 in there ….

1. Add Ram HeatSinks
2. Trim the N64 mainboard.
3. Fold the cart slot.
4. Trim and fold the expansion pak.
5. Re-wire the controller ports.
6. Wire power.
7. Wire audio/video

Wow !!! I got it to fit. Now will it fit with an Everdrive 64 in there ????

YUP !!!!

Now let’s get those wires out somehow :

1. Wire it up to the Gamecube power
2. Wire it up to the Gamecube Audio/Video
3. Add a switch to switch between the 2
4. Add a reset button
5. Add a power led.


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