Mario Bros Restore – I’m Bringing’ Plumbers Back, Get Rid of Plumbers Crack!!

I picked this beauty up for $75

Decided I just wasn’t all that into Ninjas 

The Good:
1. The cab was in decent shape.
2. The Nintendo power supply was intact.
3. The Nintendo light was present
4. The Sanyo 20EZ was present and working
5. Control panel was there with just 4 extra holes
6. Coin counter and service switch was there.
7. The Mario Bros Bezel was on, just reversed!

The Bad:
1. Wiring was butchered and Jamma’d
2. Monitor needed a cap kit
3. Pcb cage missing
4. Cab was scratched real bad with razors by someone taking off the artwork

So what did I do?

1. Sanded down and bondo’d the cabinet.
2. Applied new laminate on the sides and the front.
3. Painted all the black areas
4. Re-wired the cab
5. Capped the monitor
6. Stripped and powder coated the coin door and marquee brackets
7. Welded the holes on the CP and painted it. Added repro buttons and a Versus joystick with a new 2-way restrictor.
8. New artwork
9. New CPO
10. New Marquee
11. New t-molding
12. Purchased PCB with Cage, added High Score Save

And here’s how she turned out: